At Diesel 1 we know each component of your truck's AC has a specific function. A cracked or damaged compressor can cause your truck air conditioning to fail. Call today at 520-367-4087 and talk to one of our pro mechanics about repairing your truck's AC compressor.

Replacing Your Truck's AC Compressor

At Diesel 1 we recommended that truck owners replace the complete AC compressor assembly because the compressor replacement core operates under extreme physical pressure. The compressor is powered by a serpentine belt, which provides the energy needed to compress freon refrigerant to cool the truck's cabin. Once compressed, the freon is in a volatile, high-pressure state. This pressure forces the liquid out of the compressor and through the cooling system.

What To Expect When Diesel 1 In Tucson Replaces Your AC Compressor
  • Diesel 1 uses AC compressors that are durability-tested for high heat conditions.
  • We use a replacement kit assembly designed to meet or exceed OE function. It includes truck AC compressor, accumulator and any needed expansion devices.
  • We use kits with a "Rapid Seal" designed specifically for your compressor. Diesel 1's pro mechanics know that even the smallest gaps can cause serious damage to your truck's cooling system and engine.